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Mystic universe

A dark fantasy turn-based 4X strategy game.
Set in an original universe, Mystic follows prophets of the gods as they battle for domination over a falling empire. Inspired by Disciples II, Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri, Heroes of Might and Magic and Battle for Wesnoth, with special focus on world transforming magic and position based warfare. We are set to bring players a unique strategic experience.

Choose a god you wish to follow and try to bring his dominion into this world. By using powerful spells, you can change mountains into beautiful meadows, turn lush plains into horrid swamps, burn deep forests hiding your enemies and change the terrain to suit your needs. Battle your enemies to expand your influence, siege their cities to wipe them out, and conquer this age to set yourself as the ultimate ruler of this cycle.

Gods of humanity fell asleep many cycles ago. The followers without their presence dwindled. In their stead, a mighty man built an empire that spans all throughout the known world. This man, only known as the “Everking”, now rules this land. He and his clergy declared the worship of the old gods a heresy and brought humanity into stagnation.
Now, the gods awaken from their nightmarish sleep and hunger for worship. Choose your god and be the prophet. Entrusted with the power of your god, you are tasked to convert and bring as many followers to worship and to destroy the Everking usurper.
You are the bringer of magic into the world. By every spell you foster more and more of this primordial power. But be careful…Magic corrupts and changes everything. Lands will be destroyed only by its presence. Life will be uprooted and changed by its touch. You have to manage its destructive power so you can use it and avoid its corrupting touch.

Lead armies of mortal followers to vanquish your enemies. Strike them with swords and arrows of your soldiers. Trample them with mighty cavalry charges. Call upon godly powers and summon mighty daemons of your god to aid you is battle. They will tear, rip and destroy everything in their path. But beware, you have many enemies. Other gods will clash with you, for only one can reign supreme. And the Everking will not fall easily.



Tomáš Axamit
Main designer
Josef Gazdoš
Game programmer
Josef Surý
Graphic artist
Porin Rašpica
Animator artist