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Company: Studio Pipedream, Czech Republic
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Download latest PRESS-kit: 2020-11-10



The Mystic

Dark fantasy turn based 4X strategy game. Set in original universe Mystic follows prophets of the gods as they battle for domination of falling empire. Inspired by Disciples II, S.M. Alpha Centauri or HoMaM. With deep focus on terra-forming magic and position based warfare, we are set to bring players unique strategic experience. Battle your enemies to expand your influence. Siege the cities to wipe them out. Conquer this age and set the ultimate ruler of cycle.

Platforms: PC [Windows] | Language: English | Price: $15.99
Release date: 10. 11. 2020 (Steam, early access)
Estimated date of finished game: Q1/2021

Studio Pipedream

Pipedream is small indie developer studio based in Czech Republic, Prague. Founded in 2017 by Tomas Axamit, who gathered small team of game enthusiast and developers to create games. With our experience and dedication studio started working on it’s first project The Mystic. Our goal is to learn and build foundation for our future projects. We hope to bring innovation and expand Czech gaming community.

Downloadable: PNG art pack | GIF art pack | Recent Trailer link

Interesting features

Adaptive music – Soundtrack is altered by actions taken in game. In battle sceneries, music is faster and stronger. In scenery of exploration the music calms down automatically. The sound effects are created by buildings or biomes on screen. That means every game will give you new, unique audio experience.
Quests & rewards – Game rewards you for completing side-goals on map with useful resources or mercenaries to help you win battles.
Map editor – Users can design their own maps and play them with each other.
Local & Internet multiplayer – Skirmish against human opponents. Test your strategies and tactics with one of 5 godly pantheons against evenly matched players.
Single player campaign – Story based campaign against AI. Discover world of mystic and it’s history. Bring faith in old gods into human empire. Conquer the throne!


May 2017 – Studio Pipedream founded
August 2017 – Prototype done
January 2018 – First animations for units added
September 2018 – Multiplayer implemented
May 2019 – Game Access conference attended
November 2020 – The Mystic early access released on steam